Beach Baptist Market Rainout! We are Sorry you Missed us!

Last minute change in plans for today’s schedule but Charlie and I will not be at the Beach Baptist Farmer’s  charlie_penguin_0 copy Market due to some heavy weather. I reside up in the Tampa Bay area, about a 3 hour drive to this market not counting if I get stuck in traffic. I looked at my weather app early this morning and saw I would be driving in heavy rain the entire ride there plus some heavy winds. Didn’t want to risk it. When in doubt…always go with your gut feeling.

Once again, I am very sorry for those of you that had planned on coming to the market with your children and grandchildren today. If you are still on the island next Wednesday please come to the market and stop by my booth. My booth is the one with the orange on top. You can’t miss it! For more info and details about this market, contact:Linda Miller, market manager.

Market Hours: 9am-2pm

Address: 130 Connecticut St, Fort Myers Beach, FL 33931


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