Charlie just got into the IMAG-Imaginarium Aquarium and Science Center!!!


This week has brought so many good things! For starters, Charlie Takes an Adventure got picked up on and on the shelves of a very large aquarium  and family attraction on the West coast of Florida- Imaginarium Aquarium and Science Center.  Thank you so much to Sonia, the buyer of the gift shop for your support in making my dream still stay alive.

This attraction is right near my brother Harrison and his girlfriend Davina. They highly recommend checking this aquarium out, giving it a 5 star all around. I can’t wait to finally visit in the next few weeks and see my book on their shelves. That will be such an awesome feeling. WOW, now Charlie is in 2 big aquariums (Miami Seaquarium and now the IMAG!!!)

Address to the IMAG:2000 Cranford Ave, Fort Myers, FL 33916

Head to the IMAG’s gift shop for a copy of my book. You won’t be disappointed! :)


Front cover

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