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Charlie Will be Traveling to MORE Places!

AHHHHH!!!! Thank you so much to all those wonderful people for showing your support and donating to my Dream Big Educational Program. Your support means so much and I seriously could not have done it without you.

Charlie Takes an Adventure will be heading to the following places very soon:

  • Westshore Elementary School (Tampa, Florida)
  • Gorrie Elementary School (Tampa, Florida)
  • Grady Elementary School (Tampa, Florida)
  • Mitchell Elementary School (Tampa, Florida)
  • North Pre-K Program (Mount Carmel, Illinois)

These books will be going out early next week! Attention front offices keep your eyes’ peeled if your school’s name is on the list. A book will be coming your way!!! Once again, thank you so much for ALL of you that helped out. Every penny counts in the efforts to provide more and more books to children nationwide.

About the book: 

An adventurous penguin named Charlie is bored in his hometown of Pickering Warf, Antarctica. Charlie has no one to play with, nothing to do, and winter lasts a really long time. Charlie sets off on a plane to Florida hoping to find the missing piece of his happiness. Throughout his journey, several events do not go as well as he had planned and hoped, leaving Charlie disappointed. As Charlie is approaching the exit of Happy World, he spots a sign that reads, “Fortune Teller – ALL wishes granted.” Charlie decides to walk down the path to pay a visit to the fortune teller… to tell her what has been going on and why he decided to leave his hometown. Enlightened by the Slovakian proverb, Charlie comes to the realization about the true meaning of life and he understands what he must do in order to be happy.

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