Christmas Holiday Spirit!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this time of year! Always! It really just puts me in such a good mood. Our apartment smells so good with this new candle wax scent “salted caramel.” Definitely is a perfect addition for Christmas…right!?

Last night Zach and I went to Walmart to get our Christmas tree, lights and other decorations to make it look and feel alot more like Christmas. We were going back on fourth on the idea of getting a real tree or a fake tree. Yes, it would be nice to save the money and all and less of a mess…but knowing us and how much we already have moved….we had decided it would be bet to just pick up a real tree each year. Growing up my parents always went to the store and we got a real tree too. The smell of a real tree you cannot beat.

If you were to come by our apartment you would see holiday decorations literally covering every single square inch of the carpet. LOL! Our windows have the gel-like decorations up with snowmen and the words “Let it Snow” and on another window it says, “Merry Christmas!” I know we are both trying to watch what we are eating but I think I’ll have to do some more baking…I mean it is the holiday season…so why not? right? good excuse I think. Thinking of making several dozen different types of cookies and giving them to the neighbors in our community. But if and only if Zach helps in the baking process. We do everything together which makes life that much better!

A “new” tradition Zach and I started last night: 

  • Cutting the string off the tree together
  • Putting the star on top of the tree together
  • Putting up all the decorations together

And we even agreed to not decorate the place without each other. This is an activity we really wanted to do together at home. Our at home fun date! Probably tonight we can finish cleaning up the apartment and make some delicious hot cocoa while putting up the decorations. That would be fun!

What are some old traditions you guys have? Do you have any new ones for this holiday season? I’d love to hear…so send me an email and I’ll message you back! :)

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