Christmas in Sweet Home Alabama!

In was such a lovely visit visiting Zach’s family in Gulf Shores, Alabama. I had a ball, I really did. Most of you probably reading this blog post have never been to Alabama let alone, Gulf Shores. Well…well…well….the best way to describe it is an upscale Boca Raton in the country with a southern charm.   I have visited the city several times before this trip.  Zach and I lived in Pensacola, Florida, which was only about an hour drive if that. And when we lives in Tallahassee we were about a good 4 hours from his family. Despite being so far away from them I went to visit them almost every single weekend. They had invited me to stay with them over the summer so I could attend the Pensacola downtown farmer’s market.  Talk about really nice people.  So I daintily know them! lol.

We did look online for tickets as I’m not the best person to travel in a car with. I get so nervous of all the 26114245_2028976360716140_9126985366990976144_nother cars and paint these, “what if moments” in my head. You know, the what could happen situations- stressing my body out.  Not really the best thing to do when you go on a trip. After looking at the ticket prices it would be best to drive and save the $1600 in plane tickets (3 tickets including our dog Buddy). We can’t go on a trip with our dog, Buddy. He is literally like our son. It would have been very hard for us to leave him at the apartment while we were in Alabama without him. Oh my gosh, that makes me so sad just thinking about it.  Anywho, it was an 8-8.5 hour drive from Pinellas Park to Gulf Shores, Alabama. With being in the car that long you end up going insane and talking about anything and everything just to keep you both entertained. That’s pretty much how we got through the drive. Believe it or not, Buddy handled the long drive way better than us adults. He fell asleep for some of it and the other parts of it he gazed out the window checking out the scenery. I was sad I missed my mediation class the Thursday before our trip was I meditated a little while we were on the road. It really helps wonders. I try to meditate once a day and usually it’s the first thing I do in the morning.

Nan made the best goodies! Every time I see her, Zach and I try persuading her to sell her delicious treats at her local farmer’s market with Pap. It might be me being biased, but I really think she has no competition and would do really well. The minute we all arrived the home smelled like Nan had been cooking for hours and hours upon hours.. just waiting for us to arrive. Thank goodness she made enough the feed an army because we sure came with quite the appetite. I tired so many new recipes of Nan’s this past weekend while probably packing on about 20 pounds. But it’s all worth it now isn’t it? I mean it is the holiday time…. If you can’t indulge a little here and there then what good is it?

Our beautiful selfie pic! On our way back home to the Tampa Bay. We were heading to pick up something special for my father per his request. :)


Everything I ate this weekend in Alabama:

  • Biscuits and gravy (Nan made it for me with beef instead of pork) How sweet, right!?
  • Waffles and eggs with real maple syrup (my fav!)
  • Breakfast casserole
  • Pumpkin pie with whipped cream
  • Ice coffee
  • Chocolate chip Cookies
  • Biscuits with butter and jelly (the butter and jelly were both homemade by Nan)
  • Fried turkey
  • Salad
  • Candy
  • Banana bread
  • Fudge
  • caramel chocolate turtles
  • Peach Cobbler (The first day there Nan asked me, “so what kind of pie would you like!?” A whole pie just for me. :)
  • Mashed potatoes
  • Roast beef
  • Potato Soup
  • Stuffing
  • and so much more I just can’t remember it all LOL!

I was in heaven from all this great food. It was such a pleasure seeing his family and spending time with them all. I’m hoping next Thanksgiving or Christmas both of our families can spend it together. Now, that would be pretty awesome!!!

Oh the funniest thing: Zach’s mom Kerry says, “oh don’t worry it won’t be too cold… only about 60 degrees, I checked it.” I was a bit bummed because we were both looking forward to the cold weather a dressing toasting and warm. Well, when we got there the temperature dropped to about 37 degrees. And it was so comical because I packed our bags and we had nothing warm enough for 37 degrees. Zach and I looked at each other saying, “oh my… 37… this will be interesting!” haha. We ended up toughening it out and went on a walk in the cold weather with Zach’s cousins around the neighborhood. On our way back, I picked up several pine cones to take home to my mom in Boca to do a cute art project with them. She can be pretty crafty and times. So I thought should we find that sweet. I even saw real cotton for the first time ever. It was a pretty cool moment I gotta tell ya.

Photo Credits: to Zach’s mom, Kerry. Great job Nan and Pap on the decorating of your place. It looked incredible.



I love this one! We def took a lot of photos in from of his grandparents place.


Shall we dance?


This was our outfit we were to the church service. Out of respect to Zach and his family being Southern Baptist I went and observed. (I’m Jewish and celebrate Hanukah. But I felt it was only right since every single night of Hanukkah this man standing right beside me would stand up tall and light the candles with me and say the prayer.)  Thought it looked suuuuper cute. And of course, you know us… we ALWAYS have to match. I picked up that tie the day of our trip. I was running around town trying to find a bow tie Many stores everything was picked over and all they had were cheesy Christmas decorated ones.


We just cannot get enough of each other. I’m going to have to get these framed and put on our wall. We have a wall love cute lovey dovey photos together… and Buddy is even in some. Imagine that! LOL.


Zach and his momma. <3





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