Coolest Car I have Ever Seen!

Last weekend Zach and I had to go to Walmart for something I can’t quite remember… maybe something for the market? I can’t remember. Anyways while we were on our way into the store’s front entrance we came across this really cool looking car all decked out with like a million pennies on every single inch of it. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I have never seen such a thing before. It looked so neat. So much so I asked the owner of the vehicle if it would be okay if I could take a pic with the car. She said, “oh go ahead honey I get asked that all the time.”

As you can tell these were taken on his phone… (don’t pay attention to the blurriness) my phone died and that was probably a good idea. Since it was the only day we both had together. Usually when we are both off we ask each other to turn off our electronic devices for the day and just spend it together. We get so wrapped up in our phones sometimes that we don’t even realize the world around us…. and that’s not always fair.

Ever in the Clearwater area you gotta try this amazing sushi place. We went there just before we headed to Walmart. The sushi place has unlimited sushi for ONLY $12.99. What a steal!!! You can order anything your heart desires on the menu; soup, salad, entree, sushi and dessert. We sure had a field day! You won’t leave hungry….kind of impossible as you get my gist… LOL. Right!?









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