Former Remington Elementary School Teacher Donates Book!

Betty Whitaker-Hansen, a former Remington Elementary school teacher purchased a copy of my book, part of the Dream Big Educational program to be donated to the school she previously worked at. She talked very highly of the school saying how much she missed her co-workers and the students. Betty was very inspired by my story and because of her love for education, she wanted to somehow make a difference since she didn’t have any little ones to buy the book for.   The book was sent out early last week with Betty’s handwritten note.

The inside message is from me and it says:

“Dear Remington Elementary School,

Shoot for the moon and hope to land on a star. The book was donated by Betty Whitaker-Hansen (a former teacher at your school)

Dream Big

Haley Marguerite ”
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That’s Betty holding up the book she just donated! :)

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