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Happy 4th of July!

Happy 4th of July from Charlie and I. I drove over yesterday afternoon around 2:30 pm and headed towards the west coast of Florida. Usually, when I have markets on that coast I stay with an older gentleman named Bob over in Madeira Beach. He is so…so….so…. sweet. Bob is a retired chef and police officer. So I seriously have it made… I’m protected and never leave hungry. He cooks me 3 meals a day all gourmet style…. not too bad …huh? And they are all edible… even better!

This past weekend I had the entire place all to myself. I think he was visiting his family for the holiday in the Orlando area. We met through his daughter months back while I was a guest in her home through the lodging app, Airbnb.

Gulfport is a cute quaint town with an eccentric twist to it. It’s very lively and non-judgmental which I like. So many people showed up to the market dressed extremely patriotic, some more than others. Who would have ever thought the market would be crowded on a Tuesday over the summer. I was swamped with customers all day long. I did see a lot of old familiar faces, giving me hugs and wanting to purchase more books as gifts for friends and family members.

Next week Charlie and I will make our appearance too to sign more copies! Looking forward to seeing all of our Gulfport friends. :)


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  1. Sounds like this guy named Bob that owns the Air&B is a great guy! very lucky to be able stay at his place. The fourth of July was a huge victory!

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