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Holiday Gift Idea?

Need help this year with your holiday shopping gifts!? No problem… I got you covered. That’s right…I got you covered.

Why not pick up a copy of my book, Charlie Takes an Adventure. It’s a fabulous book about a penguin named Charlie!

Charlie Takes an Adventure is perfect for those ages 2-9 years old. It’s a fabulous book  as the holidays are quickly approaching or even a great extra birthday gift. No matter what the occasion is I’m sure Charlie will  be able to put a smile on your face! :)

Awesome Feature in my book: In the very back of my book there is an acuity where the child can write his or her very own best-selling book as well. Pretty cool, huh!?

Just after you purchase a copy of this awesome book, please do not forget to input your email address into the top of my website bar. You’ll definitely want to do that. So that that way you can stay alert and in the know when anything new gets added to the series or if Charlie and I are in your neck of the woods.

Be sure to look at the different packages (Basic Package and Dream Big Package) I have listed in the shop section. The Dream Big Package $35 (only $10 more) gets you a whole lot more. You’ll want to select that package because the receipt will then receive; the book autographed, dated, their name in 2 spots in my book, a personal message from me, a photo with me the author holding up the book printed out, Charlie sticker and I donate $5.00 back to my Dream Big program. So what that means is I send my book to other schools and libraries so other children can also have the opportunity of traveling with Charlie, too across America.

***FYI*** You are more than welcome to order off of Amazon, as we are currently listed on Amazon’s site. The only thing is the book will just not come autographed or any sot of personalization as the books will not be shipped from me. They get shipped out of the Amazon warehouse.

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