How to Focus with Distractions

Vroom vroom goes the vacuum, knock knock, there is a delivery guy at the front door with your package, swoosh swoosh is the sound of washing machine go, “Honey are you ready to eat?” your boyfriend calls from another room  as you are trying to sit in your office in peace and quiet and just work. So many bells and whistles you’d think you were living on top of the Empire State building hearing all the cars honking as they go by.  That is exactly how I feel most times when I’m trying to focus and I’m in the groove .  But how can you with ALL these distractions? Right!? Sometimes it seems even impossible to write an email. But it must get done.  And then to add an animal into the equation well that’s just marvelous. LOL. right!? I’m not much of a dog buddyperson and especially not around me 24/7. It’s not that I don’t LOVE and adore Zach’s dog Buddy. Of course I do. I called him our “son.” So you know the love is definitely there.   I didn’t understand how to make that work and not get frustrated.

Recently, living in the 1 bedroom in Pinellas Park with Zach and Buddy had been difficult. I’m not going to lie. It was only tough because I have a business to run and every time I wanted to write an email, call a client or lay product out I would be  surrounded by a 130lb dog everywhere I walk as if it were a growth. LOL.  (tough to say, “no” to him especially when Buddy gives me that look as seen above in the photo.)

So what does one do in this situation? Well, if you have a photo ID card you can take your laptop and other belonging over to your local library. See if they have a study room that is available.  I love going to libraries to work. Something about bringing away from my home really helps me and to get my mind in a different element.  So it’s even more important that I make my business a priority and set aside crucial time. Because if not no-one else will….and what will happen then? My business will fail.

Another great idea if you are feeling like me and need to get away from you’re living situation to concentrate better why not head to a coffee shop? These are so much fun and the people you meet there are usually really nice, too! Hey, you might even snag up a new best friend. So it could be a real win-win. I remember when I was living in Pensacola there was this awesome coffee shop I loved going to. Zach recommended it to me and he was right, definitely one of Pensacola’s “hidden gems.”  It  is called Bodacious brew and is located in downtown Pensacola. Great place to blog and people watch.

If you aren’t looking to spend money every time you have to work, I’d say get yourself a library card if you don’t already have one. But every now and then it is good take yourself out. You deserve it!  Treat yourself to a coffee and relax. I’m not saying spend $20… spend what you can afford and is in reason. If it makes you happy and helps you to be more productive then why not?

Perhaps staying in this 1 bedroom apartment may have been a poor decision in hindsight.  We were so sick and tired of packing up all of our stuff and then unpacking it that we were just ready to call this place “our home.” We didn’t want to literally think about moving for a good few years. And we meant that. So since September we have been trying to make a 1 bedroom apartment work with our child/son/dog “Buddy.” Just recently, Zach has fixed the issue we were having; we kept getting woken up by the motorcycles, people shouting to one-another and the ambulances every few hours. He went  and purchased this sound machine Shop now here from Amazon to block out the noise that kept us awake during the night. Yay to Zach-problem solved!!! Now we sleep better than ever and wake up feeling very refreshed.


Moral of the story folks, if you are looking for ways to help you focus with all the distractions around you, this is what you can do:

  1. Take yourself to a coffee shop-most of them have wi-fi and fun place to people watch
  2. Malls are a good place to get work done (free too!)
  3. Library (free!)
  4. Meditation class

If you are looking for a place to write and be in peace then I’d say the library. Sometimes the malls are quiet if you go when they just open and it’s not a holiday, like Black Friday  LOL!  Coffee shops in my opinions are the perfect place to blog. I get so carried away and zone out. This guy I was dating in the past told me about this link he found on Youtube to better help you concentrate.

Hope my suggestions help next time you have a lot of work that needs to get done. Don’t worry, take a deep breathe and say, “it’s okay, I can do it……I am will able!” When you give yourself positive words of encouragement you will be overwhelmed with blessings. So don’t forget that! :)


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