I love Nature!

These are some gorgeous flowers I spotted while on my walk/run this early morning. I ran around 4am downtown Tallahassee, right where I usually set-up for the farmer’s market to take place. Definitely, a good spot to run at. Do you run? Where do you run? Do you run as early as myself at 4 am?

Isn’t this just beautiful!? I thought so…

This was taken near the court house and the library in downtown Tallahassee.

One of the many reasons why I just LOVE this place and call it home! :)

I’ll be so sad to leave this place in November. But I will definitely have to come back and visit. This daisy was taken in a local park.. the same one Zach and I had our picnic at.  If you are ever in the Tally area check it out.


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