Just got My Library Card!!!

Haha… yay!!! What a proud moment this was walking out of the doors of the Leroy Public  County Library, located in downtown Tallahassee with my own library card in hand. Back home in Boca Raton I would go to the library a few times a week to stock up on books. I usually enjoy reading self-help books, motivational books or anything that is a fun and easy read.  You know those books that you can just enjoy and not really have to think much about.  Perfect book to bring with you to the pool.  Oh, I LOVE reading by the pool…especially when it’s a nice out day out. Then it’s like a double whammy!

Lately, the weather has been beyond gorgeous here in Tallahassee.  Thank heavens because when I was living in Pensacola, Florida… my goodness it would rain almost every single day. It was awful.  And when it rained over there, it would rain ALL day long. So that was a con for me…. so much so that I wasn’t able to attend several farmer’s markets to sell and promote my book.  Many of those markets in the northern panhandle operate when it’s shinning only. (no bueno!)

I can spend the whole day at the library in a study room blogging away. I’ll make an afternoon out of it and pack a cooler filled with meals, snacks and drinks to keep me satisfied for a good 4-6 hours.  When I’m in the zone I can just go…go…go and that’s what I enjoy most.  This is a great hobby for me  on weekends now that its summer time and business is slow. Because when season hits Nov I’ll be crazy booked and not have much free time. So I’m trying my hardest to get ahead on these blog posts and enjoy this time off.


If you don’t have a library card for some reason, stop by your library today and apply for one. They are FREE!  This library had about 100 steps just to get up to the main front entrance.  I’ve never been to a library like this one with so many steps before in my entire life. Talk about quite a workout that was on my gluts. And I had to do that a total of about 6x up and down because I left a form in the car that they needed in order for me to receive my very own library card. This was all done in high-heels and in 100 degree weather… awesome… right!? LOL.

Here is all you need to obtain a library card:

  • Photo ID (driver’s license/permit, passport, or a school ID)
  • Yourself
  • If you just moved to the area and your address is different than that of your current mailing address, bring a copy of your lease/mortgage contract

Not sure if you tuned in the day I got my library card.. That very official day…. if so you probably saw my Facebook LIVE post. We, and when I say we I mean my team and I, Haley Marguerite Enterprises Inc.  are very soon conducting a LIVE book reading for  ALL of you  to tune into. I am so excited to share this very special moment with each and every one of you. I have been waiting so long to do this and I know how many of you have been asking throughout the past years. So very… very….soon!!!  So sit tight for just a bit longer. I promise it will be worth the wait.

Here are the books I picked up at the library and will be reading LIVE:

  • Biscuit Goes to School Written By:Alyssa Satin Capucilli
  • Madeline’s Rescue Written By: Ludwig Bemelmans
  • Curious George Visits the Zoo Written By: Margret & H.A. Rey’s
  • The Snowy Day Written By: Ezra Jack Keats
  • Frog and Toad Together Written By: Arnold Lobel

Thanks to the girls working at the help desk for being so kind and helpful answering all and any questions I had that day.

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