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I for sure feel like a transient about now. Moved from Boca Raton where I   grew up then in Pensacola and now in Tallahassee, (state capital).  Honestly, I can’t really give too much information on Tally as I literally just moved here and then vacay to Boca Raton for about 10 days to celebrate my birthday with family and friends.

But from what I have seen so far Tallahassee seems nice. I do like that it is a bigger city. Let’s face it, I’m a city girl, not a cowgirl. Really, I tried that whole thing camping, fishing and not having the sweat and bugs bother me. That can only last so long until it becomes a nuisance.

Pros of the state Capital:

  1. Lots more families nearby
  2. Very clean and safe neighborhood and surrounding areas
  3. Because it’s a college town, there is so much one can possibly do…
  4. Many museums, restaurants, parks and coffee shops (my favorite!!!)
  5. Instead of being 10-11 hours from family. now I am only 5.5-6 hours. Much better! Mom and dad are happy. :)

Cons of living in the state capital:

  1. If you aren’t into the partying scene, which that doesn’t really appease to me you may want to find other hobbies.  Bars and lounges do take up the majority of this city.

Major kudos to Nan, (Zach’s grandmother) for cooking us dinner. It was so 19858674_1944391195841324_1192959045_nyummy. Nan is one of the best cooks I have ever met. Everything she makes is homemade and delicious. Try one bite of her food you’ll be asking for more. In a ceramic bowl, she made my favorite dish of hers: a chicken and noodle casserole with corn.  Oh and… southern whipped potatoes!!!!

The apartment is slowly coming along. I will post more photos in stages of the place being decorated. It’s a 2 bedroom 2 bath with a beautiful balcony overlooking the Olympic sized pool.  My favorite room in the apartment is my office. Alone time to blog, read and watch inspiring videos.


P.S.  looking for something to do on a Saturday? Head to the Saturday Farmers Market downtown in Tallahassee. I’ll be there from 9am-2pm signing books. :)

2 thoughts on “Move to Tallahassee

  1. Moving to a big city can be fun,need to check what kinds of things to do such as maybe since you haven’t gone to any museums in quit a long time maybe this is the time.Being in a collage town can be somewhat load and many bars, just need to find different things to do.

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