My Favorite Holiday Things…

I wait all year just to wear my warm clothes and boots. Especially living in Florida, us Floridians really get  excited when we have even just a day of cool weather. We really aren’t used to it. Trust me, we aren’t. It’s December and just yesterday the temperature got into the high 80’s and felt very humid.  Ladies, nothing like blowing your hair out and not having to worry about using an anti-frizz product. Oh, those are the days…right!? I’m here blogging outside from my porch in Pinellas Park, Florida and the weather is currently 61 degrees out. It sure feels alot cooler than that. Around 5pm today the temperature will feel like 52 out. Holy moly that’s cold! Okay, bring out the cold weather clothes! Let’s go! Zach and I are headed to Safety Harbor for a lovely stroll. It’s a cute little town if you haven’t ever been. We just love it and are considering moving there when our lease is up. This town literally has everything that you do not ever have to leave.

Since I woke up a bit earlier than Zach I had time to myself to get some things done; take Buddy for a walk, make coffee and my favorite morning routine….Meditation. My friend Kevin and I were talking on the phone awhile back about how I just love meditating whenever it is I have the time to do it. He had recommended this app he saw when he was watching Shark Tank. The app is called Simple Habit. It’s only my 4th day using the app but I really enjoy it and it makes mediating so much easier and convenient. I think that was the point of why the app was built.

Here are a list of my favorite things this time of year.  

  1. Dressing in cute wintery clothing (leggings, boots and a sweater)
  2. Walking around town some yummy hot cocoa
  3. Watching movies in my pjs (Christmas/holiday movies to be honest)
  4. Peppermint body wash
  5. Peppermint hot chocolate from Starbucks
  6. Peppermint truffles from Godiva (oooo and their Pumpkin truffles around Halloween time! Wow, are they good!)
  7. Baking cookies, pies and cakes all day so the entire house smells nice and sweet
  8. Picking out the perfect Christmas Tree and putting the it’s ornaments
  9. S’mores by a bonfire! (I haven’t done this one in years). I think the last time was when I was visiting a friend in Massachusetts.
  10. Apple cider with a cinnamon stick!
  11. Blogging outside of the balcony
  12. Ac off and the windows and doors open
  13. Starbucks’ Pumpkin Spice Soy Latte (with Whip, of course!)
  14. Wine by a fire place
  15. Cuddling
  16. Fuzzy socks

What are some things you enjoy to do this time of the year?



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