My New Year’s Resolution!

Just like millions of people worldwide that celebrate this holiday every year… I think my New Year’s resolution lines up with many of you. My resolution is to improve my health through diet and exercise. I have noticed when you tell people “you are on a diet” they either think you have some sort of eating disorder or try and persuade you to eat whatever it is they have just offered you but in a small amount. As nice as they may appear to be by offering you food they are actually doing more harm than good to your long-term health. If these people cannot understand do not worry… and do not let it bother you. They do not need to understand your situation. You do not owe anyone an explanation.

I know it sounds a bit rude to some of you reading this blog but do not take it that way. If someone offers you food that you cannot eat and is not on your “meal plan” politely turn it down. You cannot worry about offending their feelings. I have done this many times for the fear of how I would appear to new people I just met, family members, friends and even co-workers. We ALL have been there. And what happens? What do we do? We tend to fall short of our goal to look and feel good so we give in to the temptation and the peer pressure saying, “it’s only one cookie it’s not going to kill me.” No, the one cookie won’t kill you. But if you have that sort of blasé attitude about your health it can be a problem if you have no will power and then you just ate a box of cookies. See for me I just avoid all of that together because I know if I have one I will want more and more and more and more. Of course all of these food tastes incredible in the short-term. However, what many of us do not know is that the majority of the way we are eating can be linked to cancer and type-diabetes.

Zach and I made a pack to do this healthy living lifestyle together. So that way if one of us is having a craving we can pump the other one up with motivation so that neither one of us caves in. When we got back from Boca celebrating New Year’s Eve with my family we through out all of the junk food in our fridge and cabinets, bread, soda and sugary drinks. Zach and I put the food that we do not want anywhere in sight but would still like to have after we have reached our goal in a large big brown packing box. The box must have weighed about 50lbs. It was pretty heavy.

On my meal plan is 6 portioned meals that are to be eaten every 3 hours with veggies and water. I have been drinking about a gallon of water a day and peeing constantly. But that kind of goes without being said.  And it’s back to the 4am rise and shine and off to the gym. Zach and I are training for a photoshoot in 3 months. So we really need to work hard. Nothing and no-one will stand in our way!

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