New Charlie Penguin Necklaces!

Isn’t it always so much fun following us on our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages to see what’s new and exciting!? Just in today are these shimmering silver and gold penguin necklaces. A teeny bite larger in size than the other penguin necklaces I have displayed on my site. These necklaces will be made available for purchase very soon and on my esty shop, too! :)


Which necklace can you see yourself wearing?




All Photos were photographed by: Zach Carter

The painting behind my head was passed down to me when my uncle Frank passed away. He purchased the painting (original) at a Deepak Chopra retreat over in California. I love looking at this painting every single day when I wake up and go to bed. It makes me smile because of all the vibrant colors that are used.









Haha Can  you see my white socks? I like to keep things casual when I’m at home blogging. 😉








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