New Inventory!!!

Come Look and see what’s NEW! Come shop, Charlie!

AND see if you might like something special for yourself or perhaps and an extra gift for someone! Hey… now no one can really have too many gifts….now can they….right?

And this season is the season of giving, isn’t it? So why not put a smile on little kids face that’s totally obsessed with penguins or for that really cool teenager that needs a new cosmetic case because she just has way…way….way too much makeup….and has not a clue what to do with it. Problem solved! You get her our new penguin cosmetic case and for the penguin obsessed kid why not one of everything! Can’t go wrong there. They are bound to LOVE it ALL!!!


And by the way, what’s so great about our pieces is that they are completely and 100% versatile. You can really do SO much with them.

Small Charlie soft small case (other ways the case can be used)

  • You can use it as a pencil case
  • You can use it to put office utensils in it
  • You can use it to put your tips in if you work in the food and beverage field
  • You can use it as a wallet
  • You can use it as a soft clutch
  • You can use it as a makeup bag
  • You can use it to store your feminine products

See what I’m saying? It’s really a 7-1 product all for only $12.00.


This product is handmade right here in the USA by a proud fan, Nanci Shaffer. Support local artists this holiday season. You will not be disappointed in our products. We design high quality with a 99.9% customer satisfaction rating. We are proud to announce these great new products to the Charlie family.

If you would like to have a tote or Charlie soft case customized, please feel free to reach out to Nanci Shaffer directly at 561.997.4259. She can also be reached via email for orders at

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