Our Trip to Sarasota!

This is a photo Zach and I took while waiting for our pizza to arrive. We went to Michaelangelo’s in Lakewood Ranch, Florida earlier today. It was so nice to be back on the west coast of Florida. I haven’t been back to that area in about 5-6 months and I couldn’t believe how much I missed it. We were craving good New York style pizza and there isn’t really any good pizza places near us in Tallahassee. The closest pizza joint that we like is in Pensacola called Sky’s Pizza. But that’s about 2.5 hours from the apartment. So if and when we go there, we would just make a day trip out of it, so we could see Nan and Pap, his grandparents.  Oh and by the way, I asked to have our pizza double cut…tastes wayyy better. lol. Well, at least “I” think it does. haha.


We left Tally early this morning around 7 am and headed to Sarasota. I was so excited to show Zach the area as it was his first time ever here. Boy did he LOVE it!!!  It was about a 4.5-hour drive or so since we had to make some stops along the way.  I was so proud of Buddy, our black lab mix for being so well behaved in the car for such a long time. I know that must have been tough for him.

Here is a “selfie” of Buddy and me just before I was about to do a Facebook LIVE post. In the car we listened to country music and the audiobook: The Power of Now, By Eckhart Tolle.  What a powerful book!

Buddy and I walking on Siesta Key Beach, right before sunset. Approximately a few thousand people gathered for a drum circle event with instruments and a light show. Buddy became quite popular amongst many beach goers asking to pet him and have their photo taken with him. And as most of you know the dog, he LOVES the attention…, especially from the ladies. He is the total ladies man!


Couple “selfie photo” at the beach! We were so afraid people would come up to us saying you can’t have a dog at the beach. But everyone so so happy to see the dog and ran up. So that made it really nice and a bit of a relief. And plus we would feel bad leaving Buddy at the hotel while we were gone.  We couldn’t..he is our son!

This was our first photo when we arrived! Just after checking into our room we headed into town (downtown Sarasota area), St. Armands and Lakewood Ranch to do some exploring. And…I took him to one of my favorite sushi places here, Maemi! It was a fantastic weekend getaway. I’ll be so sad to leave Buddy and my partner in crime..(the guy in the pics next to me) in the fall, as I’ll be relocating to the west coast of Florida to promote my book.  It’s okay, we will both visit each other. I have to do what’s important right now for my business so I can succeed. And I personally think the most important thing in life when it comes to a relationship is finding someone who 110% supports you and ALL your dreams and goals….no matter what! Never let distance be a determining factor.

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