Charlie Takes an Adventure (Book 1)


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Year: 2016

ISBN: 978-1-943401-06-2

Targeted Age: 2-9 years old



What is Charlie Takes an Adventure About? 

An adventurous penguin named Charlie is bored in his hometown of Pickering Warf, Antarctica.  Charlie has no one to play with, nothing to do, and winter lasts a really long time.  Charlie sets off on a plane to Florida hoping to find the missing piece of his happiness.  Throughout his journey, several events do not go as well as he had planned and hoped, leaving Charlie disappointed. As Charlie is approaching the exit of Happy World, he spots a sign that reads, “Fortune Teller – ALL wishes granted.”  Charlie decides to walk down the path to pay a visit to the fortune teller… to tell her what has been going on and why he decided to leave his hometown. Enlightened by the Slovakian proverb, Charlie comes to the realization about the true meaning of life and he understands what he must do in order to be happy.


  • Charlie Takes an Adventure book (autographed)
  • Book gets dated
  • The recipient’s name written in 2 spots in the book
  • Personalized note

If you have no-one in mind to give the book to you can always donate a copy of my book. Right!? It would make the perfect book especially now as the holidays are here. The Dream Big Educational Fund goes to help schools and libraries across America. In about 1 1/2 years I have been able to donate approximately 800 books with the help of amazing people like YOU! Please help out the schools and libraries in our nation!

Author: Haley Marguerite

Illustrated By: Daniel J. Montenegro

daniel and i

I found Daniel right out of high school at the age of 18 years old!!! It was his style, creativity and comic-like illustrations that drew me in. I knew once I saw his work and what he was capable of, I knew he would be the illustrator for Charlie Takes an Adventure. It sure was an “Adventure” interviewing several different illustrators to fill the position. It was such a joy and a pleasure to have worked with Daniel on this book. He was able to help bring “Charlie” to life!!!


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    Social Inspired Leader

    “Adorable book!! Excellent gift for the holidays!! A REAL children’s book with beautiful pictures and story.” – Tony

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