Real Confessions from the Author

 Confession #1

Hey there business owners! Don’t think for one moment when you have your own company you can ever fully rely on someone else to get the job done. When you are starting out ALL of these little how-to’s are certainly part of the learning curve and are there to only make you stronger.  I’ve given way more responsibility to past employees thinking they can handle the job. But what ends up happening is they aren’t able to complete the task because one of two things; they are overwhelmed or you as their manager and leader haven’t delegated the task properly.

Confession #2

You know the slogan that has become so widely used; “but first coffee” I can be a bit grumpy in the am if it’s before coffee.  If we are going to get technical and all, I prefer my coffee (Kona of course) with almond milk,1 packet of stevia and sprinkles of cinnamon.

Confession #3

I’m a HUGE change collector. I can’t stand just leaving random amounts of change around the apartment and not rolling it up to be deposited.

Confession #4

I buy my lipsticks from Publix or the drugstore… nothing crazy expensive! But make sure I get a good color (matte look) and find a matching liner to go with.

Confession #5

I haven’t paid for gas in months! Best perk I have ever got my hands on from Capital One’s Spark Business Cards. You may think I’m being bias but they are really the best credit card company out there with awesome rewards. They even once overnighted me a bouquet of flowers.

Confession #6

When I first met Zach it was definitely “love at first sight!”

Confession #7

I’ve made mistakes before when I first started out. Some very costly mistakes….. haha! But looking back I say, ” Those were some of the best mistakes I could have made!” I believe mistakes are put in place as a tool to learn from, grow and never go back. As long as you can learn from it and not make the same mistake then you are golden!

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