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Sell Out Day!

What a feeling that is when you bring so much inventory with you and you SELL OUT!? Front coverHow awesome is that? Pretty sweet. I was not at all expecting that. But sure won’t complain.  Today Charlie and I were promoting, selling and signing copies of my book at the Cape Coral Farmer’s Market, located in Cape Coral, Florida. This market is approximately a 2.5-3 hour drive from my apartment and definitely worth it. Several people picked up their holiday presents at my booth today. Many fans left with a big smile on their face. I have been pretty busy adding the new inventory we received a little bit ago, the penguin necklaces!!!! The necklaces come in both silver and in gold. And it comes in a classy navy blue small box. Great extra stocking stuffer idea. 


While in my car this morning I decided to not turn on the radio and or the new Taylor Swift cd bae had just got me for Hannukah (that was certainly playing on repeat… how can you not…. I mean right…it’s T-Swift!) I have to mention, best Hannukah gift yet… and the way how he surprised me with it was even cuter! As many of you know, Zach wakes up with me every single day regardless of what time he has to be at work. But anyway, that’s beside the point.  This particular day, Zach sent me a message while we were sitting next to each other at breakfast. LOL. HAHA. Corny much!? I think not. He had texted me, “press play in your car.” I couldn’t understand what that meant.  I thought he would have written something cute like, “I love you” or “I already miss you!”  When I went to the car I turned the heat on, typical Florida girl and immediately after that I hit the button on my radio. Staring at my radio and out the window, I couldn’t understand how I had a new song playing in my car. I said to myself, “hmmm wait that sounds like Taylor Swift now…” But now I don’t even have her cd. I wonder if he made me a mixed cd, I thought.  As I pressed the eject button on my radio out popped the cd I had been waiting for for so long, Taylor Swift, Reputation.

Okay, so back to my ramble of not listening to music this morning. It was a pretty peaceful drive just collecting my thoughts and zoning out. Have you ever done that? It really helps me to think more clearly about things that are perhaps on my mind. That’s how I usually handle a problem or issue if it’s bothering me and for the most part, it works. If I’m alone and at home or in a quiet spot I’ll try and meditate for anywhere between 5 and 20 minutes. It’s an incredible feeling just after you get done. You feel like a whole new you. But with more confidence, energy and feeling a lot calmer. Haven’t yet tried meditation? that’s okay you can sign up tomorrow! Why wait. I have recently got pretty into going to a few of their classes making it a weekly activity that I attend. The first ever class I had gone to was in Tallahassee with my boyfriend Zach. The sitting class Tally wasn’t a class I would say I just “loved.” It as definitely not a beginners class. It was more of an intermediate/advanced class as the instructor had us meditating for (30 minutes closing our eyes in silent) not guided at all.  It was a traditional sitting and stretching class. We really had no idea what to even expect. Your first time is always interesting and yet exciting.  The place I go to is located right in the heart of downtown Safety Harbor.

For me, meditation is my vice. It helps me to stay focused, happy, upbeat and positive. I really look forward to each and every Monday and Thursday class I attend. Since I have left Boca Raton, Florida this past April, making friends has come with many challenges. I’m not someone that enjoys going to a movie, or a restaurant or even a bar for that matter alone. That’s just not me. I’ve never been that way and I don’t think I’ll ever be that way. That’s another reason why I encourage others that are like me to push yourself and try out one of their classes. It’s a laid-back, judgment and drama-free zone that appeases to people with small egos.

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