The Secret to Success is….

Often times people tend to believe success is easy  and happens overnight.  But what some people do not  realize is that success only occurs when enough focus has been given to that “one thing.”  The more you read the more intelligent you will become.  Haven’t you ever heard to statement, “birds of a feather flock together?”  What that means is those in your circle, you know, the ones you are always getting lunch with and constantly on the phone with, sooner or later positive or negative, you will develop those habits.  So choose wisely.

Success is whatever you make of it.  You can dream to have the entire world in the palm of your hands  or just a home that is situated on the world.  How BIG is your vision?


Can you think of 5 people whom you are closest to and write them down? Ask yourself what about these people am I attracted to most? (is it their money, their influence of power, their social status, etc) If it isn’t for all the right reasons, you may want to get real with yourself and start eliminating some people.

Get rid of the “Negative Nancys” of the world and start of your own storybook. I tend to believe and it seems to hold much validity as it has for many billionaires of generations to come, the bigger your vision, the more obstacles you will encounter along the way.  That may sound discouraging for some, but if you look at it right, success isn’t for everyone as it’s a level only “certain” can achieve.  So when you are then able to reach that “level” and break all the barriers, you will feel a sort of confidence rising over you, knowing you were able to achieve something not many people were able to do or of whom gave up while failing their first attempt.

Dream Big!


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