The World of Airbnb!

Looking to travel more often and spend less? Here is a great site a friend of mine shared with me, you have to try it out. It’s honestly the coolest site ever. You can travel anywhere in the world at a price you can afford.  How it works: You pick the destination you want to go.  For example, you want to check out Japan, so you would type in Japan and an entire listing of places from shared rooms, full apartments, and houses to rent out- as little as $10-$1000 per night.  It’s a pretty sweet deal. So if you haven’t yet heard of Airbnb check it out.  You will see how affordable traveling can be.


You are probably thinking uh….. that sounds super sketchy, staying in someone’s home that I don’t even know? Yes, don’t worry, that’s exactly what I was thinking the very first time I heard about the site.  I was hesitant and that it was too good to be true. Just recently as some of you may know, from following my social media pages, I had a business trip that landed me in the keys.  Well, I went online to neighboring hotels in the Key West area.  I found a few that I would stay at however I didn’t really want to spend over $300 a night if I didn’t have to. (it was a business trip too, so pocketing the money was the main priority)


Especially since I was traveling solo, my safety was number one, while the price of the suite had to become number 2.  Luckily to my surprise, from this website,, I was able to spot a lovely apartment that was situated on Duval Street, in Key West Florida.  The apartment looked great online and great when I had arrived. I had a king sized bed, my own balcony, wooden flooring decent sized kitchen with granite counter tops and a regular sized fridge.  The best part was everything was in walking distance, so I didn’t have to use my car at all.  Money well spent!


If you were to guess how much I paid for this place, for one night, with a balcony right on Duval Street….would you guess $189? If so, you are correct. That’s how much I paid and was very satisfied.  I highly recommend this site to anyone who enjoys traveling or a fun weekend get-a-way!


The site is called

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