Thoughts on Chicago, IL

Weather: This time of year was unbearable all day long and throughout the night.  Sweat rolled off our faces, down our backs, making our shirts wet and feeling uncomfortable. We got ourselves  some delicious soft served ice cream from an ice cream truck in the park.  We both had a swirl with rainbow sprinkles.  Yummy!!! Below is a photo of a fountain in the center of town where everyone ran into to cool themselves off. The water was so cold… about 50 degrees but felt very refreshing.. I wasn’t complaining.


People: Bit on the rude side and had this hoity toity attitude.  I was extremely disappointed as many family members and friends said how the people are extremely nice. A guy around the age of Joseph and I who works at the Chicago Tribune felt the need to correct me.  Never set foot in Chicago, thinking he would know which direction the Beam was located.  Politely I asked, “Excuse me, but can you point me in the direction of where is the Bean located?” The guy looks at me as if I’m speaking a different language with 5 heads saying, “the bean….? I’ve never heard of the bean before… Don’t you mean the beam? It’s called the Beam… not the bean.” Well, he obviously knew what I was referring to as he called me out right in front of Joseph. First time in Chicago…..lovely….. I felt rather belittled leaving a bad taste of Chicago in my mouth.  The photo below is us at the beam-we made it! It was so nice I got to celebrate his birthday with him 2 years in a row Happy 26th Birthday Joseph!!! <3



Fashion: Chicago is a very metropolitan-like city. For some reason I had always vision the locals to be dressed quite well.  It was rather strange but it seemed as though all the men shoped at one store for their clothing.  The guys had on a short sleeved checkered button down paired with a wild colored buttom and sneakers with some off-the-wall hat. I certainly felt I didn’t fit in what-so-ever.

Safety: Walking around in Chicago was a little scary for me.  I couldn’t say I felt safe.  There were so many people flooding the streets, running to find a spot to watch a live outdoor concert that was held in this big open park.  Police, paramedics, security guards and ambulances lined the streets in case anything were to go wrong.  As the night went on and the sun began to set, a different sort of crowd began to hit the streets. Chicago is very similar to New York City just a little bit cleaner with more crime and violence.  The entire time we were in Chicago I thought we would get mugged or murdered… my heart was racing at the anticipation of arriving home safe.

Best and Most Favorited Part of Chicago: 

Towards the end of the evening, my sweet Joseph had special a surprise for me. He held my hand and we walked into a grand building, walked into the golden elevator onto the 16th floor to the Trump Tower. The restaurant was breathtaking and classy. Raise a glass: champagne and hard cider to a wonderful week spent together.  A+++ service all the way.  I highly recommend if you are in the Chicago area stopping by having a glass of your favorite beverage, a great appetizer to pair it with and kicking back on their large white couches.  Great way to spend a Saturday evening. :)


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  1. I think the next time Iam in Chicago I will ave to go to the Trump Tower. :) This food really looks good!

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