What I’m Thankful for!

Thanksgiving is such a fabulous holiday where all my family and close friends are gathered together  around a large table feasting on some homemade food. One of my favorite holidays! This year I’ll be spending Thanksgiving in Boca Raton, Florida at my Aunt Mitzi’s house. It’s going to be tons of great fun. I can hardly wait to go home. Zach and Buddy and I will be leaving Pinellas Park around 12pm today to head there  and stay until Saturday. This will also be the first time Zach will be meeting my ENTIRE dad’s side of the family. I know they will all just adore him. So I’m not worried. :)

Buddy will stay at my parents home during the dinner since he is rather large, 120 pounds. LOL. I was told my aunt is expecting around 35 guests for the dinner. When it’s Thanksgiving in my family there is ALWAYS more than enough food to go around.       No-one really understands “portion control.” LOL. Gram literally cooks enough food to serve an army.    But she loves doing it and we all enjoy her cooking. So it’s really a win-win!  Zach and I wanted to stop at the store and get a cute bow tie for Buddy. But not sure if we will have time since we would like to leave around noon and it’s about a 4 hour drive. I even had this cute idea of dressing the dog up to resemble a pilgrim.  I thought that would be a real hoot.

Went to Publix last night to pick-up a bouquet of flowers for mom and other items. The grocery store was a mad house! The entire parking lot was filled with cars. And I’m sure when we go today to get some other last minute gifts it will be even more packed. Oh,joy! lol

Okay so here is the list of what I’m thankful for this Thanksgiving:

  1. My adoring boyfriend, Zach Carter-always so kind and romantic every single day (no idea what I’d do without you) Never met a guy like Zach before. If you met him you would see what I mean. Totally one-of-a kind.
  2. My amazing parents that have been super supportive each and every step of the way throughout my book tour
  3. My awesome brother, Harrison who I cannot wait to see. He visits me as many times as he can whenever I’m in the Cape Coral area for a market
  4. My loving grandmother (aka gram) for always being there for me
  5. Love living in Florida near dad’s family! They are the most family oriented people I have ever met. Looking forward to seeing all of them tomorrow. yay!
  6. Our adorable black lab, Buddy for always making me feel calm and protected
  7. My terrific friends; Ariel, Laura, Pamela, Katie, Kevin, Penelope, Leslie, Whittney, Don, Blake, Kelly, Alana, Brittany, Breann, Alessandra, Beatriz and Gabby for always having something fun planned
  8. My executive assistant, Lisa Jones who literally does everything and without her I’d be lost. Thanks for ALL you do and making my life so much easier.
  9. All the  farmer’s markets that allow my to continue and promote my book
  10. My publisher, Barry Chesler for giving me the knowledge, tips and business advice
  11. Trimark Press for being so helpful to the publishing process and for making things go smooth each and every print run
  12. The apartment we live in! Close to ALL my farmer’s markets, closer to family and friends and near the interstate
  13. My project manager, Jason Macfarlane for making my online presence look professional by taking my company to the next level
  14. Zach’s mom, Kerry Yarbor- one of the most sweetest lady I have ever met. His mom is the only mom I have ever liked and actually got along with well. All the other guys mothers never seemed to want to have much of a relationship with me. His mom will call and text me all the time. So it’s really nice! :)
  15. Zach’s grandparents, Nan and Pap- another really nice people! I really want my parents to meet them sometime soon. They will really like them and get along great. They are extremely generous. They opened their home for me to stay overnight every single Friday so I could work the market in downtown Pensacola (Palafox Market). For that, I’m extremely grateful. Oh, and Nan’s goodies…. out-of-this world!
  16. My wonderful fans for all your support and love
  17. Miami Seaquarium for giving me the opportunity to have my book, Charlie Takes an Adventure on the shelves in your gift shop!
  18. My illustrator, Daniel Montenegro for making my dream become a reality. Now, book #2!  Ready!?
  19. Neal and Nanci Shaffer for being HUGE Charlie fans and for your kindness, love and support!

























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