What Makes You Happy?

This is a pretty “basic” yet rhetorical-generic phrase that you will often hear throughout your entire life. Friends will ask you, family members will ask you, a potential boss during an interview may ask you and even on a date you might you might be asked, “so what makes you happy?”

Some of us are driven by material things while others of us prefer to be accepted by our peers and those around us. Anyone wants to feel as though we fit in. Many people say “when I make x amount then I will be happy.” So only if you make $100,000 a year you will be happy?  Is money really the answer? I think not!  There are at least 5 people I can name off the top of my head that have millions of dollars in the bank but have so many problems. Is that what you want? Sounds like a headache to me.

Why are you not currently happy? Think about it long and hard.  Are you working a job you really dread going to each and every day? Do you miss spending time with your children and spouse? Do you feel trapped in a current toxic relationship not sure how-to “escape”? Let me just tell you I have been there before and know how you are feeling. Make the change to fix your current situation or stop the complaining.

Here is a list what makes me happy on a daily basis. Look over the list to compare how they align. :)

  • Waking up and it’s a beautiful sunny day
  • A boyfriend that is super loving, caring and supportive of my dreams and goals
  • A terrific family that would do anything for me
  • A fabulous group of friends
  • Making others smile
  • Blogging
  • Baking cookies
  • Volunteering
  • I am healthy (have all my limbs and organs working) and able to work
  • I have a car that gets me from point A – point B
  • Owning my own business  and being my own boss
  • Having a kick- A** executive assistant! (There is not 1 thing Lisa misses.)
  • Living only 20 minutes to the meditation center I attend

Over the years I have really tried to get a lot closer to my “inner-self” connecting on a deeper level. It made me become more humble and grateful for the life I live. The thing so many of us do not even realize is that our life can all be wiped away in a glimpse of a second. That’s how quick you can lose it all. Never become comfortable. You can always be replaced…nothing is permanent and nothing is forever.

When I was much younger I wanted to have a mansion and live a total “socialite lifestyle.” It always seemed so interesting to me being able to attend lavish parties and network with the founders of huge multi-million dollar companies. But of course, the only way to achieve that sort of “rich lifestyle” would be to marry rich. Some people in the family made comments saying, “you should just marry a rich Jewish doctor… he will be able to afford you!” Not only was that a poke at humility it was quite the opposite of what I ever wanted for myself. I never understood why I would have to “marry a rich Jewish doctor” in order to be successful. I was never a fan of depending on a man to “take care of me.” I knew with my ambition and drive I would be able to make it on my own never having to depend on a guy.  And one thing to add…no I am not a feminist. It is important for the woman to be equal with men and do what makes them happy. I’m all for moms staying at home with their children. That in itself is a full-time job. A lot of people do not realize how hard stay-at-home moms really “work” as they are faced with much criticism.  I overheard a vendor talking about his wife saying, “yea, she is with the kids and spending all my money….she doesn’t do anything!”  Great way to talk that way about your wife that also carried your children in her stomach for 9 months. Didn’t understand that comment one bit at all. His wife was the one that was driving the 4 kids to and from activities to activity, making their lunches and raising them. Not him. She was the one that was really doing it all.

Yes, I do enjoy the nice things life. Who wouldn’t? Right? I think a lot more woman should be trying to encourage other women to build their own empire. We have a lot of negativity in this world and the last thing we need is for another woman to put us down. We are strong and we don’t need a man to “take care of us.”

Woman entrepreneurs that I look up to:

  • Sara Blakley
  • Ariana Huffington
  • J.K.Rowling
  • Oprah Winfrey
  • Ivanka Trump

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